Saturday, July 13, 2019

KLO 0.93a

Moving toward version 1.0, KLO 0.93a is now online at
  • New knots can now be entered via Dowker codes, either the traditional space-separated list of even number (negative to reverse crossings) or via the shorter codes (bca = 4 6 2) using lower-case letters without spaces (uppercase to reverse crossings).
  • A new Convert menu that houses what used to be in buttons to convert between surgery and Kirby diagrams and to generate Kirby diagrams for 2-fold branched covers of knots, as well as a new feature to clone a diagram into a new document considering it as a plain old knot, allowing hyperbolic comparisons (via the SnapPea kernel), a few invariant computations, etc.
  • Fixed a little bug where KLO would try to do a meta-clasp-blowup on a non-embedded 2-gon when it's clicked on (which it shouldn't, and KLO would crash).
  • 0.93a on the Mac is a clean rebuild after updating my Mac build machine, MacOS, XCode, and Qt; Mac 0.921a showed some strange little user interface quirks (though it's the same code used on Windows) that I hope have been resolved. 
Please let me know of any issues with KLO if you find any (sending the recovered document after a crash makes it much easier to find the cause)!

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