Saturday, January 26, 2019

KLO 0.91a

Two new features of KLO have been introduced in KLO 0.91 alpha, along with one improvement:
  1. Relative Kirby diagrams (bottom components <bracketed>) are now possible, and a new button for exists for computer-aided turning upside-down of a Kirby diagram.  The initial steps are performed by KLO, after which the user manipulates the bracketed components into a zero-framed unlink (with the top components following along).  A button finishes the mode and reports the number of 3- and 4-handles.
  2. Kirby diagrams for 2-fold branched covers of knots and links are now a button-click away for any knot.
  • Blow-downs of ±1-framed 2-handles now only requires that there are no crossings inside the loop (crossings inside a loop with no self-crossings can still be cleared in one click by setting focus on the loop and clicking inside it).